Our values

Our dedication and mission

Pod Foods is a transparent grocery supply chain platform that unlocks unlimited growth potential for our brand and retail partners with logistics enablement, data enrichment and value-add services.

We like great days.
Time is the stuff life is made of. So we make our days great. We listen, empower, respect, communicate, and trust each other.
We are one team.
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We embrace the best ideas across the company and lift each other up.
We are true partners.
We want our customers to feel the good vibes. Our business aligns incentives so everyone can grow and thrive.
We make meaning.
Pod Foods is a playground for our creativity, self-awareness and growth. We believe happiness is made, purpose is made, and meaning is made. We are full people living full lives.
We reimagine what’s possible.
We focus on solutions, not problems. Just do it! We believe that things don’t have to be a struggle to be important or impactful.