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Marketing: Get your brand out in front of the pack!


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The Wholesale Widget enables you to easily embed your Pod Foods brand page into your own ecommerce website. New retailers interested in purchasing your products at wholesale prices can do so with 50% off their first order on Pod Foods! To get started, go to your dashboard, click on in your left sidebar and follow the instructions. Reach out to [email protected] with questions.


If you have scheduled a demo or a promotional program directly with a retailer, be sure to ensure that retailers are placing purchase orders for your products in advance to support the demo or promo program. Additional purchase orders should be received at least two weeks in advance of the demo or other event to ensure that delivery windows will be met. Pod Foods does not deliver product to be sampled during demos. However, you are welcome to arrange a withdrawal for pickup of product from the closest Pod Foods distribution center

Promotions: You know the deal…everyone loves a discount


Promotions are a great way to get your product on and support your product at the shelf.

General Requirements

  • We suggest 4-6 promotions per calendar year for each account

  • A minimum of 25% off promotion unless noted otherwise

  • Promotions need to be submitted at least one month in advance unless noted otherwise

  • Promotions need to run for a full month unless noted otherwise

  • Month starts on the first day and ends the last day of that month (i.e. 2/1/22 - 2/28/22) unless noted otherwise

Service Fee On Promotionally-Priced Products

Review all Key Account Promotions + Requirements before submitting a promotion.

Promotions Submission Form

Submit promotions using the Promotions form, promotions will be submitted by Pod Foods to each retailer per their unique requirements, saving you time, energy and expense. This form will explain all the different types of promotions we offer.

View Promotions

You may view your promotions in your vendor dashboard under the Promotions section

Service Fee On Promotionally-Priced Products

When your product is on promotion, the Pod Foods Service Fee applies to your regular case price, i.e. ifa case is $20, your service fee is 18%, and you offer a 50% placement discount to ABC grocery, theservice fee to Pod is $3.60 (18% of $20), the case price for ABC grocery is $10, and you net $6.40.

Inventory & Promotions

It’s likely that you will see an uptick in sales when your product is on promotion so be sure your inventory is topped up in accordance with your planned promotions. Email [email protected] to alert us that you’re planning promos.

Samples: Getting your product in front of buyers

Enabling Sample Requests

Sampling is enabled by default on each of your Product pages in your Dashboard.

Deactivating Sample Requests

If you no longer wish to allow buyers to request samples, you can turn off these requests in your Dashboard. Follow Products > Product > uncheck the Allow stores to request samples checkbox in top section > click Update to save changes.‍

Confirming & Fulfilling Sample Requests

Confirm the request in your Dashboard, fulfill it from your own inventory (not a Pod DC) and be sure to enter tracking information – buyers rely on it! Mark the outside of your sample cases with “Pod Foods Samples” and include the sample request reference number.

Following Up On Sample Requests

When a sample request comes in, you are provided with the store contact information -- use it! If you are unable to fulfill a sample request for any reason, reach out to the requesting store and let them know the reason. Make the most of this open line of communication!

What To Send As Samples

No need to send full cases. Simply send at least one standard retail unit to fulfill a sample request so the buyer may see what the product will look like on shelf, can try for themselves and make the best decision about if and how to support your product. Include your Pod Foods Sell Sheet, any marketing materials and a personal note to the buyer for best results.

Turning Off Sample Requests Notifications

If you do not add a fulfillment date for your sample request you will continue to get emails about said sample request. From your Dashboard’s left-side menu, follow Samples Specific Sample Request >Select Use My Own Shipping Label > Enter Date.

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