Pod Foods Distribution Enters New Phase of Growth with Pod Foods Direct

A modern, innovative distribution solution for emerging food brands

Pod Foods has entered a new phase of growth with a rebrand and the launch of Pod Foods Direct, a direct-to-store initiative complementing its disruptive regional food distribution service, cementing the company’s national reach.‍

With Pod Foods distribution, emerging brands get a scalable, cost-effective, data-driven platform enabling them to get on grocery and retail shelves across the country, no matter their size.

Pod Foods Direct, allowing brands to reach buyers anywhere in the country, coupled with Pod Foods distribution centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City, allows emerging brands to obtain critical distribution services while reaching their customers in a cost-effective manner.‍

From a retail perspective, the company is a one-stop-shop for buyers and category managers to source the most relevant emerging food and beverage brands for their stores.‍

With the rebrand, the new Pod Foods logo features a “P” inside a circular, purple sunburst. “The ‘P’ is the quiet connector inside the circle” said Larissa Russell, co-founder and CEO. “There are so many good food products out there, and distribution needs to evolve for them to become accessible. We are closing a gap in the food industry by creating a viable path to market for these emerging brands.”

The company continues to open hubs in major metropolitan areas so as to expand reach and service to multiple-outlet stores. Its direct-to-store initiative services smaller independent retailers anywhere in the country.

“We built our product for emerging brands and retailers alike,” said Fiona Lee, co-founder and COO. “Category managers inside larger retail locations and buyers in smaller independent outlets have issues not only with discovery, but also with logistics and receiving. Our software and distribution network allows retailers the opportunity to discover the most relevant products for their stores from anywhere in the country and the opportunity to procure and receive easily in ways that work for them.”

The food industry is constantly changing, and by leveraging technology and data in its supply chain, Pod Foods is facilitating the growth of the most innovative consumer products. It is the first end-to-end distribution platform where stores and brands alike can access a transparent, personalized, and flexible distribution experience.

About Pod Foods: Pod Foods is a B2B technology and distribution company that connects specialty brands to retailers. Originally launched in 2018 by founders Larissa Russell and Fiona Lee, Pod Foods is on a mission to optimize the way food is sourced and transported so that more quality, unique, healthier products for consumers can reach retailers. Pod Foods works with over 1000 companies to facilitate better distribution. Pod Foods has raised capital from Moment Ventures, M12, and Unshackled VC.