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Thousands of brands in one single catalog

Procure the best brands for your store
Source the products your customers want from your local community or all over the world, all in one place. Pod Foods helps you optimize your assortment for today's consumer.
Easy, data-driven online ordering platform
Place orders or request samples with just a few clicks. See what’s on promotion in real time. Get data-driven and personalized recommendations from our team of dedicated account managers.

Innovate with Speed,
Perform with Data

Experience the convenience of consolidation
Get consolidated ordering, deliveries, invoicing, and customer service with your own dedicated hands-on account representative, all via our integrated platform.
We understand and cater to your processes
Designed for the next generation of retail, with current retail in mind. We adapt to your systems and processes with EDI, payment terms and customized reporting.
Save yourself hours of time with easy ordering
Order and reorder in a matter of minutes. Consolidate direct accounts and save hours of accounting and receiving time. Our friendly solution makes it easy for your favorite brands to onboard.

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the best brands today.