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Product & SKUs: One stop shop for all things product & SKUs

Add New Products & SKUs

At Pod, the Product is the parent (or product line) and the SKUs are variants (flavors) of the Product, i.e. a 12oz bag of cookies with 6 bags to a case is the Product and oatmeal, chocolate chip + mint are its SKUs. Product variants should all have the same net weight, case count and number of units percase. In this example, if there was also a 6oz bag of the same flavors, the 6oz bag would become a new Product and the flavors it's SKUs.

  • Click Products in the left-hand menu

  • Click the "+ New Product" button in the top right, add all required information, click Create

  • Toggle from General to SKUs

  • Click the "+ Create New SKU" button

    • In the fields below enter all required information, click Next

      • SKU names should not contain numbers or codes

    • Click the "+ Add New" button in the boxes below the Region-Specific radio button

    • Set prices and availability to In Stock or Out of Stock depending on the stock status of your brand’s own inventory  for any Pod Direct regions you wish to activate

    • Set pricing for Express regions and Availability Out of Stock if you are setting up for Express service. Ensure the purple toggle is ON for Express regions

      Availability need always be set to Out of Stock when setting up an Express region; stock availability will automatically move to In Stock when Inventory is received.

  • Review and click Save as Draft

  • To add additional SKUs in this Product Line hit < [Your Product Name] to return to the Product page. Begin adding additional SKU(s) as needed

  • Save all SKUs as drafts and email [email protected] for next steps!

SKU Pricing & Status: In stock, out of stock or launching soon and collecting preorders


When adding prices to your SKUs, you list the price buyers pay for your Case Packs, delivered. Unlike other distributors, Pod does not mark up the cost of your Case Pack. The Pod Service Fee is deducted from the cost you set for each Case Pack.  You set the pricing of your product on each region-specific page of each SKU.

You are able to set the pricing of your product on the region-specific page of each SKU.


Email [email protected], your Category Manager or submit a Promotions form if you would like to offer a specific retailer special pricing on your product. Provide the store name, case pack price(s) and MSRP for each SKU you would like to offer at a special price and we will get this activated for you.

Setting Inventory Status

Pod Foods offers two statuses for your inventory: In Stock and Out of Stock. You are able to set and change the status of your inventory in the region-specific tab of each SKU.For Pod Express inventory, stock status is determined automatically. When setting up new Express SKUs, set your Express inventory to Out of Stock and ensure the region is toggled on.

Making Changes: Changes to your published prices and product details takes up to 60 days

Making Price, Case & Packaging Changes

If you would like to change details like case prices, UPCs or units per case, navigate to your VendorDashboard > Products > Request Product Change

When submitting the request, add all changes at once. If edits are needed, make the edits and hit “edit request”. The edits will automatically update.

Change requests will go live automatically in 90 days, once buyers are notified and updated, giving stores enough time to update their systems. Some stores have their own requirements. Review the information for your retailers on the following pages.

Please reach out to your brand manager if a product change is specific to a retailer.

Item Code: Unique identifier for SKUs that helps retailers search products and order with ease

Item Codes are a unique identifier for SKUs that helps retailers search products and order with ease.

You can find your Item Code in your Vendor Dashboard > Products > SKUs > Item Code number is listed under each individual Published SKU (example: #17305)

Notifications: Manage what notifications you would like to receive from Pod

Set Your Personal Email Notifications

Navigate in your Dashboard to Settings Notifications

Users: Easily invite colleagues and collaborators

Invite Colleagues

Head to your Vendor dashboard > Settings > Invite ColleaguesThe invitee will then receive an email to complete the process by setting up their Pod Foods account password.

Special: Hemp & CBD Products

Everything you need to know about Hemp + Pod Foods.

Add Hemp Products & SKUs

When setting up a Hemp Product you must select the Hemp Category to classify your product correctly

  • Click Products in the left-hand menu

  • Click "+ New Product" button in top right, add all required information, click Create

  • For Category scroll to the bottom and select Hemp and add all required information, click Create

  • Continue setting up SKUs + add the CBD Quality tag to each SKU

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