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Welcome to Pod Foods – we are so glad you’re here. As a true and transparent partner to brands and buyers alike, Pod Foods makes it easy for all retailers to order brands anywhere in the USA.

Two Routes To Retail

Pod Foods offers two paths to distribution and they are not mutually exclusive: Pod Direct and Pod Express. Pod Direct is a drop shipping model through which vendors ship direct-to-store per order. Pod Express is our full service distribution model out of our regional warehouses.


We’re different by design. Always know what your fees are.

Store List

Find a complete list of all of the retailers we service today — and tell us which retailers you want us to service — by making the Store List your central hub for communication with Pod Foods about accounts.

Product and SKU Management

Make sure your products are Pod Foods compliant. Maintain unit and casepack dimensions, weights, flavors, and prices on your dashboard.


See your orders, credit memos, storage fees (if applicable), net proceeds, and payments all in one place. Vendors receive two payouts each month.

Connect with the team

Interested in working with us? Please reach out to [email protected]

Partner Brands - Please reach out to [email protected]

Partner Retailers - Please reach out to [email protected]

Pod Regions: Pod Foods delivers across America

Pod Express

Pod Express zones are circled:

South California, North California, Chicago, New York, Mid-Atlantic, Texas, Florida.

Pod Express takes care of all of the logistics, delivering your products to retail by picking from inventory you store in our regional distribution centers (DCs).

Pod Direct

Pod Direct zones are grouped by color:

Northeast (yellow) | Southeast (orange) | Midwest (crimson)

Southwest Rockies (fuschia) | West (purple)

With Pod Direct, you deliver direct to retailers that don’t require consolidated delivery, receiving orders via email and fulfilling those orders with easy instructions.

To be eligible for Pod Express you'll need to open or transfer one or more Key Accounts. Contact us for more details on this process.

Pod Foods Capital

We’re here to support your growth

Are you a vendor who needs money for a new production run or to pay off business expenses? To support your growth, we have launched Pod Foods Capital where you can apply for easy and affordable financing through a few simple steps via your dashboard. Click here to find out more and get access to capital now!

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