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Data: Complete, transparent access to your data

Order Data

Download detailed sales data when you navigate to Orders Fulfilled Tab > Export Order Details in your Vendor Dashboard. Orders are not sales. Sales payouts are initiated on the 10th of the month after an order is fulfilled.

Payment Data

Download detailed payments data when you navigate to Payments Monthly Statements > Month Export in your Vendor Dashboard.

Inventory Data

Download detailed inventory data when you navigate to Inventory > Export in your Vendor Dashboard.

Pod Foods Capital: We’re here to support your growth

Need money for a new production run or to pay off business expenses? To support your growth, we have launched Pod Foods Capital where you can apply for easy and affordable financing through a few simple steps via your dashboard. Click here to find out more and get access to capital now!

Payments & Statements: Pod takes care of invoicing and payments for you

Monthly Statement & Payment

Access your monthly statements on your Dashboard via Payments Financial Statements. Statements reflect all activity in one place: orders, fees, credit memos, net proceeds and payments. Your monthly payout is equal to the Ending Balance at the bottom of your statement. Orders are paid out on the 10th of the month following the month in which an order is actually fulfilled. Please note: you will not invoice Pod Foods or the buyer companies to receive payment. PodFoods will initiate payment based on the monthly statement breakdown.

Speedy Payment Option

If you’d like faster payment of your sales proceeds, we can accommodate you with a mid-month pre-payment. We'll send this prepayment on the 20th of that month with funds reaching your bank account in 1-3 business days for all sales proceeds you've earned through the 15th of that month, less a 2% early payment fee. You'll receive an email with the details of each prepayment. We’ll then settle your account with the regular monthly payment on the 10th of the following month, with no payment fee. Please email [email protected] to take advantage of this prepayment option.

Sample Statement

Fees: Pod Direct and Express Service and Storage Fee Details

Pod Direct Service Fee

Your Service Fee is 8% of your Pod Direct price/your price to the retailer. You set prices on Pod by region or retailer, we never mark up your prices! Please note your Pod Direct regional prices are inclusive of shipping costs to retailers in that region.

Pod Express Fees, Service & Storage

Your Service Fee is based on your monthly sales volume, inclusive of ALL sales in all regions, as follows:

Service Fee Tiers

  • 25%: < $9,999 in monthly gross revenue

  • 22: $10,000 to < $29,999 in monthly gross revenue

  • 18% > $30,000 in monthly gross revenue

How Service Fee Works

The Service Fee is deducted as a percentage of the price you set for the retailer, your Direct to Retail Price. This is not the price you give to most distributors. Use Cost Calculator to help set your prices and understand your complete Service and Storage Fees.

How Tiers Work

  • Once you have achieved 3 straight months of a tier goal, your service fee will automatically change to the corresponding tier, i.e. if in your first three months your sales are > $30,000each month, on day one of month four your Service Fee will drop from 25% to 18%. If sales decrease after achieving a higher tier, you have 6 months to get back on track to keep your current service fee.

Infinite Warehouse

Brands who participate and satisfactorily maintain participation in the Infinite Warehouse program are charged the 18% Service Fee for Key Account business regardless of total volume.

Pod Express Storage Fee

Your Storage Fee is billed based on your monthly inbounds and stored inventory, by brand by region:


The minimum Storage Fee per brand is a one-time $20 handling fee per inbound per DC and$30 recurring monthly fee per DC for any temperature-controlled storage.

Long Term Storage Surcharge

If any individual SKU in any individual DC has been in storage for longer than 60 days and not one case of that SKU has been ordered and delivered to a retailer with the previous 60 days, an additional $1.00/case/month fee will be assessed for all cases of SKU that remain in storage until a withdrawal, donation or disposal is completed.

Withdrawal, Donation, & Disposal Fees

*Subject to loading/unloading fees, at the discretion of the DC, when applicable. View additional inventory handling fee and shipping noncompliance fees

Making A Claim: When you need an issue resolved

Please reach out directly to your Pod Foods rep or email [email protected] to be in touch. You may also submit a quick Vendor Claim. We strive to resolve all claims within 14 business days.

Account Closure: Steps on how to close your Pod Foods account

Email [email protected] to give your 60 day notice required before closing your account. A representative will follow up with you to provide next steps.

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