Pod Direct

Distribute to retailers anywhere in the US

Pod Direct: Distribute to retailers anywhere in the US


Activate Direct

To turn on Pod Direct, navigate to your Dashboard and follow: Products Product > Select your desired product > toggle to SKUs Edit Region-Specific > Add New and choose your desired Pod Direct region from the drop-down menu. Set your prices per region + product availability.

Confirm Order & Get Documents

  1. Navigate to Orders > Unconfirmed > unique Order

  2. Click Select All on the bottom left, or click Select on each SKU that you wish to confirm

  3. Click Confirm item(s) on the bottom right

  4. Enter in expiration date(s) by line item

  5. Choose a delivery method: Ship Direct to Store or Self-Deliver

  6. Read delivery instructions thoroughly

  7. Ship Direct: choose a shipping method (use own label, or purchase through Shippo). Enter delivery date, select carrier and enter your tracking number(s) as the POD

  8. Self-Deliver: enter the delivery date and estimated arrival time. At delivery, get the packing slip signed. Upload the signed packing slip as the POD for the order on your Dashboard

  9. Click Confirm and print your packing slips and invoice

Ship Direct

When orders come in, you confirm the orders and ship or deliver product directly to the retailer with a Pod Foods invoice and packing slip included. Instructions for fulfillment are provided when you confirm. Please note:

  • Pack the Pod Foods Invoice in your parcel and affix the Pod Foods Packing Slip to outside of box

  • Ship the correct product and number of cases with at least 75% of shelf-life remaining

  • If shipping multiple orders, each order must be in its own shipping box (even if they are going to the same location)

  • If your product is damaged during shipment, Pod Foods will deduct the value of the damaged units from your upcoming payout. The buyer may choose to place a new order to replace the damaged product. Please do not re-ship unless the buyer places a new order

Direct MOQ or MOV: You control the minimums you ship

On the Settings page in your Dashboard you can set an MOV Minimum Order Value - for your brand. This ensures that retailers can pick and choose across multiple product lines to meet your dollar-valueminimum for Pod Direct.On the Settings page in your Dashboard you are able to set an MOQ Minimum Order Quantity – the MOQ that is set on the individual Product page applies to minimum case quantities per product. Forinstance, if it only makes sense for you to ship in quantities of four cases, you may elect to set the MOQ along with, for example, a $1 MOV.

Reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

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