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Pod Express: The #NoDeductions Distribution Solution


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Interested in turning on Pod Express in one or more regions? It’s easy to transfer accounts or target a Pod Key Account through our Store List! Chat with [email protected] to determine your eligibility.

Expand Regions

We love helping brands grow! There are a number of considerations involved in expanding to a new region, chief among them the need to have stores ready to order! Contact your Pod Representative.

Preparing Shipments: Shipping pallets & parcels

Pallet Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • ISO-approved pallet

  • Standardized pallet dimensions (stringer length x deck board width):

  • 48” x 40”

  • 42” x 42”

  • 48” x 48”

  • 60” maximum stack height

  • Hardwood or plastic

  • Minimum 2500 lb capacity

  • Good quality (no damages)

  • ISO-approved pallet

  • GMA-spec pallet

  • 4-way entry

  • Hardwood

  • 48” x 40” dimensions

Subject To Rejection

  • Metal

  • Damaged, poor-quality 

  • Non-ISO-approved

Pallet Shipments

Configuration And Integrity

  • Pallets must be configured to maximize space and strength 

  • Need a few tips for building your best pallet? See our Pallet Building Guidebook

  • No overhang may exist beyond the pallet’s perimeter

  • Cases are sealed and are in good condition

  • Corner boards and slip boards are present 

  •  Pallets with excessive case damages due to improper case stacking will be refused

Pallet Wrapping

  • Shrink wrapped/stretch-wrapped pallets must be wrapped using clear/transparent plastic material. 

  • Pallets wrapped in opaque material will be rejected at receiving.

Pod Foods Inbound Label

  • Must be present on side of pallet

Parcel Requirements

Shipping to a DC via parcel is permitted, though not recommended. You must notify [email protected] if you plan to ship via parcel.

Parcels Must Include The Following

  • Pod Information Label must be present on the outside of the shipping package 

  • If shipping multiple parcels at once, case numbers must be clearly marked (case 1 of 3, case 2 of 3, etc.)

  •  Parcels must include packing list

Parcel Requirements

  • Parcel shipments must not exceed 10 separate pieces 

  • Parcel shipments must be shipped via USPS, UPS, or FedEx

  • Total weight of parcel shipment must not exceed 250 lbs

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